Meeting Taragh Bracken For My Friend’s Divorce

My best friend just got a divorce, and although this is not something that happened to me directly—as practically a sister to her I felt the negative effects that come with this long-lasting separation. My best friend, full of life and ambition, was taken into hostage by a man twice her age early on in her life—a man who emotionally abused her and would discourage her from starting a profitable career in HR… A man who controlled her with his money and wished nothing more than to stay in hibernation, even whilst visiting beautiful sceneries in the French countryside or Australian jungle.


The Search for Taragh Bracken – The Best Divorce Lawyer

I took it upon myself to help Serena seek the best divorce lawyer in the county of Whitby, Ontario. After having done a profuse amount of research, we came upon Taragh Bracken. This divorce was going to be sticky as the man Serena had married was loaded after years of fraud investigation at a Big Four, while she was a fresh graduate from university with no work experience to garner her the funds that allowed her to travel for months on end.


Divorce Takes More Work Than You Think

Upon our first meeting with Taragh (I was there for moral support), we found out that the process will take even more work than the supposed marriage was supposed to take. Who would have known or thought to believe that the actual separation of a union would cater to more heartfelt dangers as you riffle back in your memory and find proof to showcase the means to end this relationship for good? The constant back and forth with your lawyer, the humiliation to have to unleash all your dirty secrets with her also didn’t help. Every little detail counted, therefore Serena had no choice but to force her ego to the door and never look back.


The Deceiving Feelings Post-Divorce

Sure, this may be exactly what you’ve wanted. You signed the papers and you are free like a little bird—ready to snarl up any womanizer you can just to forget your troubles. But it doesn’t exactly work that way. You will have mood swings, some where you’ll feel grateful to have the entire bed to yourself and others where you will wish that you came home to the sweet scent of him baking your favorite cookies because you’ve had a tough day at work and just got your period on top of it. Perhaps when you’re talking with Taragh Bracken you use their nickname in front of their actual name and the void sticks in the air like honey on a hot day. It stings, it sucks. You wish it didn’t have to be this way. But it is. And at the end of the day, you will get over it. You will get through it.