No More Craigslist Searching for Your House Cleaning Service

For busy people, hiring cleaning help is essential for reducing stress. When you have a busy schedule, getting bogged down by household cleaning work is not an option. What most people do is hire a maid or a cleaning service. The traditional way to do this is to look for a maid service on a job board such as Craigslist or Kijiji. This is time consuming and inconvenient as interviewing services alone is time consuming, and then there is the matter of scheduling and trust. You are letting whomever you are hiring into your home.


What if there were a better, quicker, more convenient and safer way to do all this? Well good news: There is a real, live, actual service that will let you do exactly this.


Conveniently ordering house cleaning services online


Just like ordering next-day delivery on Amazon, it’s possible to get a friendly, professional, and thorough cleaner the very next day through a service with a lovable name called Handy. Handy lets you set up a cleaning plan that matches your needs and conveniently lets you manage everything online, including a progress monitoring service if you are not at home. So you can sit back and relax while an experienced professional cleans your home.


What’s included in a cleaning?


You can expect your friendly neighbourhood Handy professional to perform surface dusting, floor cleaning, to sanitize your washroom’s tub, sink, toilet and shower, take out the trash and many more. But handy doesn’t only provide cleaning services, the company also offers furniture assembly, tv mounting, wall hanging smart home device installation and many more.


Do I have Handy in my area?


Handy’s services are available in hundreds of cities in the United States, Canada, the U.K and around the world. Check out their handy locations list.


And you can book it all though an incredibly easy to use online service that even gives you estimates. Check it out.