Roemer’s Guide To Studio Apartment Life

You just graduated college after a gruelling four years, and find that the new respected degree that you hold and the job that is waiting for you in a few months brings along a great amount of freedom. While you may finally feel free from the ongoing exams, assignments and team projects you had to conduct during your undergraduate degree, you no longer have your parents to help you out when it comes to living expenses. You are on your own.


The Real Life: Studio Apartment Cringe

This might come as a great shock, after all… those countless pizza nights, Sunday morning brunches and clubbing days didn’t pay for themselves. You had a lot of help, and you’re grateful for that, but now is the time you need to come to terms with your living conditions and buy a space that is smaller than usual: the dreaded studio apartment. Sure, you’re used to a dorm room, but that was college. Now this is your real life, and you better start decorating as if it were.


Take Pride ByBrightening Up Your Home

Brad Roemer and his team of awesome interior designers have the best studio apartment tricks to calm all those fearful woes. Your place doesn’t need to be a massive embarrassment for you, it can be an area of pride. When it comes to organizing your small singular space into various divisions, make sure that your bedroom exudes a calamity that will allow you to get precious sleep away from the rest of your space. Also: To instantly brighten up your home, buy some fresh flowers every once in a while. Peonies, hydrangeas or carnations of various color tones will do the trick.


Use Floating Storage

Roemer’s excellent team recommends doubling up on the furniture that you own in order to avoid a cramped space. This means that you can use a coffee table as a makeshift desk, or a large bookshelf as a divider between your bedroom area and living room area. When deciding on storage, opting for the vertical, wall-mounted kind can allow you to turn your room into a gallery of books and art work instead of having everything bunched up in the corner of your room. Your bike can also add for a cool artistic flare.